21296 sliding

6400mm X 1500mm X 1mm steel plate, 6200mm X 1500mm X 1mm steel plate, contact microphones, audio transducers, laptop running Max/MSP/Jitter. 2018.

21296 sliding is a sculptural audio installation using large steel plates, contact microphones, audio transducers and laptop running pitch shifting software.

A microphone and audio transducer are directly connected using the material of the work itself; a connection which, at high levels of amplification, results in the creation of an acoustic feedback loop. As the transducer plays back this sound, the work transforms into a series of large scale sonic objects, sounding in direct relation to their inherent physical resonant properties.

The laptop is used to control the overall volume of the work, and alters the frequency of this sound using pitch shifting. As a result of this shift in pitch feedback tones are moved away from a single most dominant sound, and begin shifting and flowing, finding new frequencies to which the steel is more or less sympathetic. At times remaining fairly muted; at times ringing like a bell.