Six aspects of the body in image and sound

2004 19 minutes. 

Music: Matthew Shlomowitz Video: Rees Archibald

For clarinet, piano, violin, viola, cello and video

Performed by: Tate Ensemble

Six Aspects is an audio-visual work for instrumental ensemble and video. The six sections of this work are each based on a compositional process in which repeating units (audio and visual) are layered over one another. Each looping unit has its own speed and duration and, in combination with each other, creates an overlapping kaleidoscope or tapestry.

Each of the six sections takes a specific visual representation of the body as its subject, beginning at the hand and moving inwards to the torso. The continual permutation and repetition of the subject that the compositional process generates allows for the material to be explored, abstracted and re-interpreted. The audio and visual components do not seek material unison or temporal synchronicity. They share structural principles but they move independently as interacting forces.